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Working with a team of dedicated volunteers Mercy 2 the World Trust is involved in a diverse range of projects including Eye care, Disaster Relief, Recovery, Regeneration, Education, and Community work.


Eye Care

Giving Sight to CATERACT Blind

Mercy 2 The World Trust Is A Project That Make Enormous Contribution To Mankind
Restoring Eyesight To Those Who Have Lost Hope And Improving The Eyesight Of Many Around The World

  • Mercy 2 the world trust works with Rahma Tal Lil Alameen Hospital in rurals area pf Pakpatten in pakistan provding FREE medicinal treatment to the poor and the needy
  • Mercy 2 the world Trust provide financial support for the prevention and control of blindness, corrective surgery for eye defects
    diseases such as cataracts, medicine, patient care and community health educatio
  • Mercy 2 the world Trust provide financial support for human resource development through training of doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health professionals;
  • Mercy 2 the world Trust provide financial support for the establishment of facilities for research in ophthalmology
  • Mercy 2 the world Trust undertake campaigns to collect used hospital equipment from hospitals and/or charitable organizations in same areas that provide free services in ophthalmology and other healthcare in Pakistan
  • Mercy 2 the world Trust engage in fundraising activities in order to pursue the above aim and objectives.
  • Mercy 2 the world Trust sets up eye camps in rural areas of pakistan

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