Enjoining and inspiring good for the sake of Allah

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Enjoining and inspiring good

I built Amaal.co.uk to ensure I and all of us recommend actions that we ourselves act upon. This follows an audio lecure I came across online, where it was related that on the day of judgement, the persons who recommended good but never acted on it will be lead to to their destruction.

The idea behind the site is that we enter our good deeds or actions which we feel may benefit others. In this way, we would only be recommending actions which we ourselves have done.

Furthermore, It is related that on the day of reckoning, there will be no veil between God and us when are questioned about our actions on in this world. We will look to our left and see nothing but our deeds and to our right and see nothing but our deeds and look ahead and see nothing but the fire. Through amaal.co.uk we can attempt to inspire others to also do good to thelp themselves and also be rewarded for the good deeds they do as a result of our actions.

I pray that this site is of benefit to you and all our visitors. May Allah makes it a means for good in this life and the hereafter.

Please recite Surah Fatihah and say a small prayer for me too, that Allah accepts this action from me and forgives my wrongs.

If there is any good in the site, then verily it is from Allah and if there is anything bad herein, then verily it is from me and I ask you to forgive it and inform me of it so that I may correct it by contacting me.

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Your deed is displayed on the action timeline on the left for the purposes of enjoining and inspiring others to do good.

We have not enabled the ability for a person to contact you or rate your deed because we wish to preserve the intention of your deed.

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